Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Xzanthos and Patara

Just too much to report for one day so this is a continuation of yesterdays trip with Oktay and Ahmet.

On our way back from the gorge we made a stop at Xzanthos. Here are the remnants of an old city. The modern town of Kinik (not seen on this picture) is right next to it.
 A vivid contrast between the old and the new world.

 From Xzanthos we went to Patara beach but not until we made a stop at the theater which is under construction and due to be opened by President Obama when completed.
Patara dates back to the early bronze age (3000 B.C.)

As much as possible old, square cut, stone is used to rebuild this magnificent theater. 

It will be quite the tourist attraction when completed.
Right next to the theater archeologist continue to unearth more of this one time capital city of the Lycian league (167 B.C.) and Roma's Lycia state (43 A.D) 
Our last stop of the day "PATARA" beach.

A 18 km stretch of powdery white sand. The longest along the Turkish Mediterranean coast. 

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zus from Dalfsen said...

Bijna jaloers op jullie mooie zomerweer...wij zitten de hee week nu alweer in TE koude dagen.
Wat een belevingen hebben jullie wee..heerlijk om te volgen