Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anchorage at "Gemiler Adassi"

 After leaving Fethiye we had a short cruise to Gemiler Adasi.  (Gemiler Island)
After searching for the perfect anchorage we decided to stay and anchor at the first place we checked out. What a perfect anchorage it was.  I took the dingy to shore and climbed to the top of the island.
 the island was full of 7th century ruins. 

The scenery from the top of the island was worth the climb.
 The other surprise was when the locals came calling in their fishing boats and offer us their special fare.

Pancakes in this case.

And yes we ordered one.
 Before the "man" of the boat had a chance to tie up, the "lady" of the boat was already busy rolling out the dough.
 Once tied to our boat he helped by basting the pancake with olive oil.
And  "VOILA" one pancake coming up.

Pancake with cheese in this case. 

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