Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 We stayed in Bosburun one day longer than expected because the windy conditions.
It was nice to be invited for some "real Turkish" tea on Sultan.
Here a picture of us on the back deck of Sultan with   Goffredo Patricia and Albert. The interesting story about Sultan is that she did part of the
 great circle loop in America and
cruised Bahamian waters after having her shipped by a yacht carrier to the USA.  Albert recognized a picture of the Hope-town  light house immediately while on board Le reve.
 Walking through the town we came across a hand made Turkish rug shop.
Jacob, the owner of the store took several rugs to the boat to see which would be the perfect one for us.
We decided on this one and it replaced the worn and dirty rug we had in the boat.
Now we have an authentic Persian (Turkish) hand made rug as a memory of our Turkish travels. 

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Anonymous said...

we still wait for the picture you made in Bozburun
from the swiss
we started blogging too
Albert Patricia and Goffredo wish you a good trip