Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well today we made it across the bay to the south from the marina and Didim.

First let me say that we got our credit card back from the bank. There really was a flaw in the ATM machine and all it took was a bike ride to the bank and after showing my passport they pulled my credit card out of a pile of cards from people all who had lost their card in the same malfunctioning machine. Not to worry for those of you who thought the worst!!!! I went right to the ATM in the bank and used the machine there to get some money and all worked fine.

The seal for the toilet still did not arrive however we told the people at the boat yard to keep it for us and we would pick it up on our return back to the marina. The disassembled, cleaned, and re-assembled toilet works 100 %

We did take some pictures of our newly installed gang plank, however i was right about the stick not wanting to let me up load pictures. Perhaps there is limited coverage in the anchorage where we are at the moment.

The ride to this anchorage was nice not too long, and not too rough even though there was a stiff breeze.  The anchorage is nice. Secluded, pristine clear, blue water and there are only two other sail (one flying a USA flag and one a German flag) boats in this bay which is only about 1 km deep and approx. 400 m wide.

Just before turning the corner to go into the bay we noticed a very large, brand new development build on the side of the hill.  This is perhaps not surprising as we are on the back side of a peninsula with Bodrum, a large tourist place on the other side of the peninsula.

Pictures to follow as soon as we have better coverage.

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