Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Gemiler Adasi to Kalkan

 One last look at the anchorage at Gemiler Adasi.

We had a 5 hour run to our next destination "Kalkan"
 Along the way we passed one of the longest beaches in this area " Pantara Beach"
 Lucky for us we met this man from Toronto (a Turkish Canadian) who was surprised to see a Canadian registered boat and fellow Canadians. He came to greet and welcome us before we had a chance to tie up.

 After we got settled in he took us all around Kalkan.  He also took us to the grocery store to take on fresh supplies.    

This picture shows as close as I can zoom in to where we are docked in the tiny harbor.

Good thing we got here when we did!!!

Lots of room when we got there but after we came back from our tour of Kalkan there was not a single spot left. 

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