Monday, May 14, 2012

Back on the boat

I thought I better write something on the blog or people might think we had suffered the same fate as the Costa Concordia or something. We have been on the boat foe 4 days now and have been waiting for a few things to arrive. One thing being a stick with a sim card so we have internet on the boat. It came today courtesy of "Yacht works" the company that looked after the boat while we were gone. They also did some maintenance work and Can the owner of the company was here with us on Friday after noon (we arrived late Thursday night) to talk about the maintenance they did and then he went out for a test run with us. As expected everything worked flawlessly.  One last thing that needed to be done was the installation of the gang plank for "Med Mooring" this was done on Saturday after we decided  how it should be installed on the boat. They made a bracket that slip's in the swim platform and the gang plank fits in to it. The bracket is very professionally done and it looks and works great.  We still are waiting for a seal to arrive for the vacuum flush toilet and be installed by Yacht works. However Not having much else to do today I decided to start taking things apart so it would not take long to install the seal once it arrived. After taking it all apart I noticed a kettle stone type material had build up on the rubber seal making it hard and rough. After cleaning it thoroughly the rubber seal was smooth and flexible. I re-assembled the toilet and it works like new. So I guess we will have a spare seal when it shows up tomorrow.

We would have been ready to go tomorrow  except when we went for a bike ride up town today I went to an ATM to get some cash. Guess what The machine gobbled up my card!!!!! I wondered what I had done wrong when a lady came along also needing to use the machine.  I told her my problem and she decided to try it. Well.... she scored better than I, in-that she got her money ( I did not) but the machine also refused to give her back her card.  While we were standing discussing what to do an other lady came along and informed us that she and her husband had the same experience that I did and her husband had gone to the bank to sort things out.  The lady who got her cash but lost her card was from the UK but was able to speak Turkey's. After many attempts to get the right person she was told to be at the bank tomorrow morning  at 10.00 and we all would get our card,s back.

No pictures this time as I don't know if I have good enough internet coverage to upload them!!!

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