Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting hauled out of the water

 On Aug 25th at 11.00 hr, Le reve was scheduled to be hauled out of the water and be stored on the hard in Cleopatra marina in Preveza.

This marked the end of our cruising season for 2013.
All in all we traveled just shy of 800 nm (1460 km) in 62 days (Aug 25 to Oct.25) from Didim Turkey to Preveza Greece.
During that time we visited 15 Islands and 5 mainland ports. Some we visited several times. The bottom picture shows only part of the 800 boats in storage at Cleopatra marina.
Right beside Cleopatra there are two more marinas, Aktio marina, and Ionion marina. Of these Cleopatra is the biggest, but all and all there are some 2000 boats stored here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our last cruise for the season

Our last cruise for the season from Lefkas marina to Cleopatra marina in Peveza. But first fill the tanks so as to eliminate as much as possible condensation in the tanks during winter layup.
Two pumps, one for each tank.
The filling station attendant can not be bothered to watch us fill the tanks and he tends to his fishing!
One more time trough the bridge that connects Lefkada island to the main land. This is a pontoon bridge and swings on a large steel column. It opens each hour on the hour.
We stopped on the town dock before going to the marina to have lunch on board.
Arend and Henny Bonsink and Cees and Elly de Jonge are posing for a picture once the boat is docked in the Prevesa town marina.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A culinary experiance.

Our friends found this very unique, and very, VERY good restaurant in one of the small side streets of Lefkas, it was called "the Seven Seas". The tables are set up just on the street as many are here in Greece. However where the seven seas was located the street was so small there was only just enough room for one row of tables along the one side of the street.
We were all taken into the kitchen and had a look at what was cooking this night. 
This pot has pork, and that one beef, still and other had something else. All and all there must have been 10 different pots on several regular home stoves. We got a very detailed explanation of what everything was. 
The ovens were even loaded with different kinds of food. We managed all to make a choice, and it was no doubt the best meal we had in a restaurant in Greece. Thumbs up for the "SEVEN SEAS" culinary

Exploring Lefkas on bike.

Joanne is going with Elly and Henny for a bicycle ride around Lefkas. 

Just finished changing the wiring of the bow thruster so it will be charged by the sun panels.

Going for a little criuse with the Bonsink,s and the de Jonge,s

Out for a little test cruise. Arend is not only an expert marine technician, he also knows how to operate a boat. I guess I should not be surprised at that, as he has build many, and various boats as well as solved many technical problems. He also is the one who installed our solar panels, and they are doing a terrific job. For the time that le reve is "on the hard" The solar panels are keeping the batteries charged without the need for any outside electricity. The only thing is that the bow thruster is hooked up as a 24 volt system and the panels deliver 12 volt to the boat. But not to worry Arend again came to the rescue. After making a few changes these batteries also now are getting charged during winter layup.  Anyone needing service work done one there boat I can highly recommend the 

Gebr. A&J Bonsink - Zwartsluis

Monday, October 21, 2013

Installing the new batteries.

Installation of these "heavy weight's" was a chore!!!!But with the expert help of Arend Bonsink, from Holland and his right hand man Cees de jonge, it was done in no time. But not without a lot of lifting, pulling, and hoisting!!

We were all glad after the last one of 7 was in it,s place.

Arend can just be seen a little in the center photo, as he guides the battery in place via the same plank that was used to slide them onto the back deck.

Arrival of the new batteries.

 Our new batteries have arrived from Holland but at 75kg each how to get them on the boat is a real chore!!!

Not to worry, we have a crane on board.
Johan operates the crane, and I guide them
to the little boarding gate.

                      Than they are slid on a board to the cockpit.