Thursday, July 30, 2015

Docked at Srebreno

The next day July 28th we left Cavtat, and went across the bay to Srebreno. This is right across the town of Mlini and where the Dislich,s will be coming to visit.
Once we were tied securely to the dock, we took a taxi to explore the old city.

                                                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHI

                            At night, in Mlini we celebrated Kathi,s birthday in a local restaurant.

Back in Cavtat

Our plans were to go from our anchorage in Lopud to an anchorage off the island of Lokrum, which is located right across from the old city of Dubrovnik. However on our way we heard a marine report come over the VHF that there was a possibility of  severe weather moving in with gale force winds.  Taking the warning seriously we decided to move to a more secure place and we ended up back in Cavtat.
Above is Le reve med moored with the BIG boys.

The island of "Lopud"

 Today (Sunday July 26th) and we wanted to show Harold and Kathi some of the islands around Dubrovnik, so we moved to Lopud. One of the first island north of Dubrovnik. 

Some sights of, and around Lopud. 

One of our many favorite meals prepared by Harold and Kathi.

Thank you both!!!

Cavtat Croatia

 When arriving in Croatia from the south you have to do your custom formalities  (check in) in Cavtat.
After checking in we found an anchorage in Zupski Zaljev. A large bay just past Cavtat. We spent one night at anchor, but the swell was such that no one had a peaceful rest, so the next morning we lifted anchor and moved on to Gruz, approx. 1 1/2 hr cruising.
 From our anchorage to Gruz we came right past the old town of Dubrovnik. You can see it (Dubrovnik) in the back ground. Earlier in the day we saw this enormous sailing vessel with what seemed like 100 sails going across the Adriatic, only to see it anchored right in front of the old town on our way to the anchorage.  

Anchored in Gruz.

Gruz is the main harbor for Dubrovenik. The bridge in the back ground is part of the Adriatic highway which runs (as the name suggest) all around the Adriatic. After we were satisfied that the anchor was securely set we went to do some provisioning. Upon our return we were approached by a police boat who told us we could not anchor there, so we moved on (only 1/2 hr away) to the Dubrovnik marina. No room in the marina, so we ended up anchoring out front in the river. We had a very quiet, peaceful anchorage.

Leaving Montenegro

 Friday 24th of July and we are ready to leave Montenegro.
Small problem. We were docked in the marina in Herceg Novi. (the first town you get to when you come in from the Adriatic) Thencustoms, and port police are in the next town over (approx. 7 5 min. by dingy) So the plan was to stay tied up in the marina and I took the dingy over to get the paper work done. However the custom,s and port police did not like this and we had to come with Le reve, do the paper work, and leave right away. So that is what we did.
On our way out we sailed close by this old abandoned submarine docking place hidden in the mountain. We saw this coming in and wanted to have a better look, perhaps tie up and wonder around, but with the mix up with the police we thought we better just sail right on by.

On our way out of the bay of Kotor is a peninsula on our right with a fortification on it. This is actually the most southern border of Croatia.
The peninsula is a disputed area, as Montenegro believes it should belong to them.
Will there someday be an other war over this dispute!?!?

Last night in Montenegro

Our last night in Montenegro and we went to the Portofino restaurant in the center of the old town. It was 321 steps up. Needless to say we took a taxi  being the temp. was 37 deg. in the shade.
We had dinner right in the center of the town square in front of the Church.
There was a fountain with plenty of cool water for everyone to enjoy. The locals made good use of it to take a drink, or cool their brow.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day trips from our anchorage in Risan

 From our anchorage in Risan we went to Perast ( about a 15 minute dingy ride) and came by this Church with beautiful cypress trees all around it. Notice they don,t need a lawn mower as there are a couple of cows taking care of the lawn!!!

Arriving in Perast just in time for breakfast.
We have a perfect spot just at the waters edge.

Some of the sights in Perast

On the way back we stopped by the man made island and the Church on the Island of " the lady of the rock" 

 A picture with the four of us from the island of the "Lady of the rock"  with the natural island of Sveti Gorde in the back ground

A view from the exit of the Church.