Friday, May 20, 2016

Monfalcone Italy

We had a nice cruise to Monfalcone . Left at 10.00 hr arrived at 17.15.

First thing we saw from way back was a large cruise ship. As we got closer we realized it was a new ship being build for Princess Cruises, the "majestic Princess" She was only started last year ( June 2015) And it is scheduled to be ready to cruise sometime next year (2017) We were amazed how much was achieved in less than a year. The interesting part is that the "Eurodam" we saw in Venice was build by the same shipyard.
It is obvious that Italy, and particularly Monfalcone has a major ship building industry.

 May 20 and we have the boat ready to be moved along side whenever the transport vessel arrives. So we went for a drive and ended up in Slovinia. It is not far from Monfalcone so we had a nice view of the Slovanian country side. 


Porec to Venice

Being we made real good time coming from Preveza, and Tom and Dan had to leave from Venice on the 18th we made a side trip to Venice. we docked in the same marine "st Elena Marina"where we were last year.
 Going for a walk to the "fish" market

 Everything is nice and green this time of the year

The Italian navy had a large old sailing vessel docked close to St Marco square.
 When we came back with the "water bus" we saw a Holland America cruise ship the Eurodam come into Venice with two tug's guiding the ship to port. One on the front, and one on the back.

    Back from the fish market with 2 1/2 kg of mussels, and a bunch of shrimp. Remco prepared an awesome dish of "spaghetti and shrimp. Yum yum!!!

   Time to say good "farewell" to Dan and Tom.
And Remco and I went on to Monfalcone our end destination.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


We arrived in Porec on May 15th. The crew asked around for recommendations for a good restaurant and we came up with a good one.
What made it even better was that the waitress came from the same village in Macedonia as Tom's mother. What is the chances of that!?!?
  Also we met 4 young ladies from Austria who were studying in Slovenia. One of the four had a birthday and they went to Porec to celebrate. They came by the boat and off course the crew made small talk with them. Next thing you know they were on the boat.
The girl who,s birthday it was wanted to go on a boat so she was delighted to be aboard.

   The girl in the captain's chair is the one who celebrated her birthday.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Dinner in Rovinj

Remco,s treat. A delicious, and by far the most elegant fine dinning meal so far.

Losinj and Rovinj

It has been a few days since the last time I posted something on the blog. Reason being my computer is goofing off!!!
However today I have reasonable luck so will post a few pictures.

In Losinj we docked on the town wall, and no sooner tied up and the local restaurant owner came to show us his menu. Dan had made our dinner in the slow cooker on the way over, but we could not resist ordering some delicious calamari for appetizers, delivered right to the boat.

  Next stop "Rovinj"
We docked in the marina right next to wonderful people from Austria. Three couples, and three kids. They wanted to see the boat, and Dan offered them a little "rakia" left in the boat from way back (good to get rid of it) and they in turn come back with a bottle of wine from Austria.
Rovinj in the back ground.

The three kids on the front of Le reve.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On to Skradin

On our way up the Krka river we stopped at one of the many mussel farms to get some fresh mussels.

 Dino and Tomas are making a deal for some mussels.

The deal is done, the money changes hands, and everyone is happy.

Might as well pick up some oysters while we are at it and Remco is good at "shucking" them.
 I know what you are thinking, but don't worry, Dan is just doing his stretching exercises.

While the captain is having a snooze the crew is gone to see the "Krka water falls"

Korcula / Hvar

Tom is having a rest on the upper deck on our way to Hvar.
A view from on top of the Hvar fortress.

 Happy hour on the top deck while at a mooring ball in Hvar.

Dino preparing home made spaghetti sauce.
 A beautiful meal on board.