Saturday, July 2, 2016

Next, Chester Pennselvania

On June 27th the Singelgracht arrived in Chester Pa. the plan was to unload Le reve first after she was docked. However there was no room on the dock, and the Singelgracht had to anchor out at the "Marcus Hook" anchorage and wait for room on the dock of "Penn Terminal"
As it turned out the Singelgracht was not able to dock until Wednesday July 29th. After she docked the base cargo had to be unloaded first. This was huge structural steel sections for a very large new development called " Hudson yards" These sections were absolutely humongous solid steel sections, some weighing several hundred tons. To see more of the huge development look up "Hudson yards" in New York.

After the base cargo was unloaded the hatch had to be closed, and several yachts had to be moved before le reve could be unloaded.

We spent Wednesday night on board of le reve, still loaded on the Singelgracht. We really appreciated that the captain allowed us to stay on board. We had a first hand look at unloading, moving of the other vessels, and unloading of Le reve. What an experience.

The Singelgracht at anchor at the Marcus Hook anchorage.
As we had lots of time we took our car to Annapolis and came back to the Penn Terminal with a rental car. After going to security the car got a clearance number put on top allowing it to stay on the terminal grounds while a security vehicle took us to the dock where the Singelgracht was docked. 

moving through the gangway from the back of the boat to the front, where we had to go up to the top deck where Le reve was situated. 

Le reve strapped down to the top deck along with several other yachts.   Some where unloaded in New port RI, the first port after the crossing.

An other picture of Le reve aboard the Singelgracht.

Some of the structural sections in the hold below deck.
there is actually an other hold below the one shown. After the holds are unloaded the huge doors (shown vertical in this picture) are closed and the yachts other than Le reve are moved on top of it and le reve can be unloaded.

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