Friday, May 18, 2012


After keeping watch half the night we wanted to be in a secure place tonight so we lifted anchor and set sail for Bodrum.

 Bodrum with it's old castle is one of the top ten attractions in Turkey so after an afternoon snooze we walked this unique town.
 We prefer the back streets away from the tourist and see how the real Bodrum people live.

 Kids playing....
...........and shop keepers having their afternoon tea

We really lucked out finding this tucked in a side street local restaurant "Nazik Ana" The cook a Kurdish Turk prepared a typical Turkish dish over an open charcoal fire. 
The restaurant had also been discovered by "The lonely Planet" who did a write up on Nazik Ana.
Not as fancy as the waterfront restaurants but pure Turkish.
 After paying our bill ( all of $21.45 Can. including a glass of wine and a beer) we strolled through some more of historic Bodrum.


kuzeyli said...

Welcome in Bodrum ;o)) Hope you liked our resort town.. Nazik Ana is really nice place, famous with traditional Turkish cuisine.. Interesting that i ccoincidentally saw your blogspot adress today, as i passed the same street around lunch time.. (Actually working just one behind street of Nazik Ana, in Asmin Hotel)
Enjoy your sailing in the deep blue Aegean coasts ;D

Geert said...

Ziet er heel goed uit nu ik nog op de boot.
Je mobiele nummer klopt niet zal wel aan mij liggen, bel mij op mijn mobiele nummer please kan ik het toevoegen.

groetjes, Geert

Kaj H. Soltvedt said...

Nice too see that you two are back in the boat, look foroward too follow the blogg....

Roving Jay - Expat in Motion said...

Thanks for the recommendation on a great place to eat in Bodrum. It's a great town for getting off the beaten track and discovering a hidden gem. Will have to see it out next time I'm in the area. Jay