Friday, June 1, 2012


 We arrived in Kas on Thursday May 31st just the day before the local farmers market.

So we stocked up on fresh fruit and vegetables.
 Olives is a BIG thing here in Turkey as you can tell by this stand.

A typical Turkish breakfast includes olives, lots of olives. 
Here a local merchant brewing his own tea. Can't go anywhere in Turkey or someone is brewing or drinking tea. 

 This little boat came into the habour from Meis a Greek Island with about 300 inhabitants  and only about 2 nm  away from Kas Turkey.
The closest Greek island is the Island of Rodes about 70 nm away.

Also there were about 10 people on board. A few tourist, and some locals. One man with his little boy of about 4 or 5 who needed to go to the dentist. In order for him to go to a dentist in Greece (on rodes Island) he would be gone for 3 or 4 days. 

I was amazed how much stuff they piled into this boat to take back with them. Anything from building material (cement blocks) to fruit, vegetables, flower, sugar, etc. etc.  
 Boxes and bags and more boxes. I don't know where they stowed it all.

There was one Dutch lady on board who had lived on the Island for a long time and she told us a little of what life was like on Meis.

When they were finally loaded and ready to go back it was clear that they should have piled a few more blocks on the starboard side as the little boat had quite a list to port.

It was comical to watch.

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