Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Pamukkale" our final destination

You can spot Pamukkale for miles because of the white, snow like covered mountain. Pamukkale in Turkish means "cotton fortress" and that is just what it looks like from a distance.

Thermal water, containing carbonate minerals, comes to the surface on top of the mountain. Cooling in the open air, the calcium precipitates from the water, adheres to the soil, and forms white calcium "cascades" frozen in stone called travertines.

 The first couple hundred feet is a gravel road. when you get to where the water is diverted you start your trek to the top walking on the calcium deposit left behind for over millenniums.  Here you have to remove your shoes and continue bare footed to the top.

                                           Half way up is the first of many travertine. 
The Romans built the spa city of Hierapolis so citizens could come and enjoy the health benefits of the hot mineral water. The beauty of the travertines was just a bonus.

 Here a look from the top overlooking the fertile valley of the "menderes" river with the town of Pamukkale. 

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