Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our trip to "Pammukale"

About 300 km inland is a sight that we kept hearing about. So we decided to go check it out.  On the way there we went through all the back roads and this is where you see the real Turkey.
the rout pretty much follows the "Menderes" river. The original name was "Maeander" meaning "winding" The English word "Meanders" is derived from this word. The river's origin lies approx. 600 km inland before it flows into the Mediterranean.  It flows through a wide fertile valley. and all kinds of fruit, vegetables, and other crops are grown here.
Because of the long periods without rain channels are dug and fed from this river.  Water is than pumped on the fields flooding the entire field from time to time to water the crops.
Priene an other ancient Hellenistic city was build on a mountain overlooking this valley.

The temple of Athena  (top picture) was located here. 

Several steps had to be ascended before reaching the top.

However the view was breath taking once one reached
 the site.

Because the silting in of the "manderes" caused the city to lose access to the sea and it began to decline in popularity.

    A view from the old city "priene" over the valley.
This site is close to the sea (approx.15 km) and the valley is very wide at this point.
Lavender is growing wild, tall, and abundant.

 We made a lunch stop in a city called "Dalama" and were called over by these people who were making doughnuts. They were giving them free and as many as you wanted to any one passing by. Obviously they were advertizing(promoting) something which we had no idea what, but the doughnuts tasted very good.

This youngster was very curious about these strangers from a different country and was pleased to be able to say a few words to us in English.

You know you are away from the touristic areas when you draw as much  attention  as we did here.  

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RVL has teachings both about Dydema and Priene. You may want to borrow them from me sometime