Saturday, June 9, 2012


 June 7th we arrived in Antalya. Our first choice was to dock at the quaint old original Antalya harbor.
However because it is a quaint old harbor it is used mainly by day trip boats. So we had to back track to the new Celebi harbor 3 miles west of Antalya. 

 While waiting for our guests to arrive I had some time to install a bracket on the stern of the boat that serves two purposes.

1/ it is something to tie the gang plank to while underway.

2/ the BBQ is mounted on this bracket and is a permanent place  for it out of the way.
Also gave me time to converse with the neighbor and go over some of the "must go" places on our way back.
Local knowledge is always the best!!!

 June 8th and our guests have arrived
After we orientate everyone on the map and agree on the various stops we are off.

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