Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dalisa yasak saha

In this anchorage a herd of goats greeted us. They seemed to be wild and came to the waters edge to drink. What surprised us is that they were actually drinking salt water.
 The goats were not the only greeters.
Some anchorages we would be visited by locals wanting to sell their product which would be anything from food, table cloth's, pottery, and any other trinkets tourist would buy.
Upon taking the dingy down and we went exploring the hills and wondered where the goats went during the day.
I followed them through a valley but eventually they climbed up what seemed to be a 80 deg. rock face and that was a far as I could follow.   
  The goats were not the only one's ascending.
Mike found a different path and made it all the way to the top of this 1200 ft mountain. Coming back down was a different story that I won't go into other than to say it had us all shaking in our boots. 

However the pictures he came back with showed the anchorage with the beautiful Mediterranean water    from a birds eye view.

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