Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to Didim

 June 21 we cruised from Turgetreis to Didim.
A very easy run under normal circumstances but we were aware that later in June the "maltemi" would start.
 I think it has started.
The meltemi is a wind that blows from the NW to WNW.
We encountered much larger waves coming across the Atlantic however I would hate to encounter Atlantic size waves in the Mediterranean.
Reason being that the time between the waves in the med. is much shorter therefore creating steeper waves. 

Even though we had waves approaching 2 meters the water maintained it's in-describable beautiful, only in the med, color. 

It seemed to me that the local
 fishermen try to stay in the lee of any Island when the seas get rough.

Even though it is hard to capture on camera they were bobbing up and down like a cork and we wondered how the fisherman were able to keep from falling overboard.

Needles to say we spent a lot of time cleaning the boat as we picked up a lot of salt from the spray.
If we would have scrapped all the salt off the boat it would have gone a long way to filling our salt shaker.

 One of the chores once back in Didim ( Our home base for now)
was to finish installing the pasarella (I call it the "gang plank")

Carl asked me how we fitted it on
 Le reve and I will attempt to explain this here.

First yacht works made two fittings that were bolted on the swim platform. A raiser slides into it and the gangplank fits into a bushing in the center of this raiser. 

The above picture shows how the gang plank is suspended off the dock by means of two lines attached to the end of the plank and passing through two u bolts installed on the roof of the cockpit and from there fastened to a cleat installed on the post supporting the cockpit roof.  The lines are attached so that when the  plank is laying on the dock the lines are snug. Two bungee cords ( one on each line) are attached to the upright post and over the lines pulling them out so the plank is now suspended and not scraping on the dock when the boat moves slightly from side to side.  When stepping on the plank the bungee cords allow the plank to go down on the dock and getting on and off the boat is easy.  

I installed a bracket on the back of the transom that serves two purposes.

1/ it is a permanent place for the BBQ so it is out of the way at all times but easily accessed when cooking.

2/ The gang plank is set in a fitting just like the ones in the center of the swim platform and when folded up
(like almost all do) it rest up against this bracket and is held in place by two snap in place fittings thus securing the plank while on the way. 

Here is a better picture of how it is secured against the bracket.

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