Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in Kas and a stop at "SMILEY" is a must!!!
below SMILEY (Imail Inan) who is a very friendly local. He is right there to help with the docking when you arrive and is ready to help with what ever you need. Not only did we have a very good meal he also gave us fresh flowers for the boat, frozen squid (bait for fishing) and fresh bread the next morning. 

SMILEY is the name of his restaurant. It is easy to guess why it is called SMILEY because he always is smiling.
In honor of his guest who eat at his restaurant he gets out the flag of the country you come from plus the Turkish flag. 

While having dinner Joanne spilled something on her shirt. (Anneke will like this ) and the waiter came with a wet cloth to clean up the spill.

Needles to say Joanne was a little surprised by his action due to the location of the spill. However he did a very professional job and every one was happy with the result.

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Anja said...

That is a great picture, Joanne looks a little shocked