Monday, July 25, 2011

On our way to Budapest

 It has rained a lot and the river is full of "floatsome"  At times I would look out to the Danube from where we were docked and there would be large trees blocking the way in or out of the harbor. I had to push this tree away from in front of the boat before we could leave the dock.
 Once back on the Danube we only had to go a short distance to where the 37km long "Gabčikovo" canal was build. A dam was build and the Danube continues on through a lock which is almost all ways  out of service so all traffic takes the canal. I believe the canal was build because the Danube is very narrow at this point and would be difficult to navigate for the large commercial ship's.
The closer you get to the lock ( the lock in the canal is at the opposite end from the lock in the Danube)  which is located near the end of the canal the  higher the sides (dikes) become. At the entrance of the lock you actually are boating at the level of the top of the trees beside the canal. The lock is a 20 meter drop.

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