Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 We had a very nice tour of Nürenberg.
The pict on the right is of the "alt stat" with st Lawrence Church in the distance.

 We took a guided tour trough the inner city.
We learned that Nürnberg is in Northern Bavaria.
Originally Nürnberg was spelled a little different but the meaning was "Rock Mountain" and a large castle with no less than 120  towers was build on this mountain by Keizer Ludwich a Franconian. There are still 60 of the 120 towers standing and being preserved. 

Unfortunately we have no pictures of the castle.
Just because of the sheer size of the castle it was difficult to get a good picture from the train in which we toured the city and we did not go in the castle. you can only do so much in one day!

The pict. on the right is of the Germanic artifacts  museum with over 1 million pieces on exhibit. One would need a week just to see some of it!!!!

It is tiring visiting big city's as this group of kindergarten kids  would tell you. But ahhh how nice to sit down and have an ice cream cone!!!!!

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