Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The locks in the MDK

 The MDK is only 19 years old. It opened in 1992 and made shipping from Holland all the way to the Black sea possible. The locks are different from the Main locks, and most other locks for that matter in that the doors don't swing open like barn doors but rather go straight up and down and one has to pass under them to enter the lock on the up stream way. 
The locks on the Main are on average 4 meter while some of the MDK locks are as much as 60 feet.  The lock in this picture is in Kriegenbrunn and is the biggest lift we experienced so far on the MDK.  The water rises very quickly and is purculated in from the bottom so as to not make a big current in the lock but rather let you up gently.

Regardless of how the water rose the admiral was in total control of handling the lines.

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