Thursday, July 7, 2011

Main Danube Canal Locks

The Main Danube Canal lifts vessels from an altitude of 231 m above sea level at Bamberg to an altitude of 406 m above sea level at Hilpolstein through a series of 11 locks. The last 3 locks are 24.6 m each (80.7 feet) The distance between the last two locks is only 4 km.  Going up the chamber is filled in 18 minute's causing the water to be very turbulent.

Fortunately these locks have floating bollard that rise with the boat.  

When going down the water from the lock chamber is stored in large holding tanks which are build parallel to the lock. This water is used when locking up thus preserving water in the canal. 

Here you have a look down stream from the top of a 24 m lock

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