Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helping hand from "BIG BROTHER"

 Just after the police told us to move and we went on our way we met the "VIKING LEGEND"

After Joanne told me she did not feel like going back on the dingy I thought I would try to contact the captain of this cruise boat and ask him for a favor.

He granted us the favor and we could tie up along side of him.
However after we returned to the boat for a rest from our sight seeing GUESS WHAT!!!! the same two police were standing on the top of the cruise boat waiting for us to come back to the boat.
They waved a finger and told us we could not moore along side of the cruise boat. I told him we had permission from the captain bit alas no matter what it was not allowed by the city. They then wanted to board the boat and check out our paper work. I told them "no  problem"  Once on board I told them they were welcome to see all the paper work, however we were boarded before and everything was checked out. Upon showing them the business card from the police who boarded us on the Rhine he said " Ooh I know him!!! and everything was OK. Except he very politely asked to see my pleasure boat operators license as he wanted to see what it looked like.
After showing them the boat they shook our hand and wished us a good journey.

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