Thursday, July 7, 2011

Closing off the Nürenberg

We ended the day by having dinner at a Greek restaurant.
You know it is a real Greek restaurant when they provide you with the bill and a shot glass full of OUZO

Joanne could hardly ride her bike back to the boat. I said "you only had one sip" She said " no I didn't I had TWO!!!!!

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kokmediasupport said...

Hello cousin Bill and Joanne,

We love Nürnberg and we were there in 2009 to visit very good friends from Altdorf. Did you try the "Lebkuchen". Anyway, the beer f.i. Paulaner or Löwenbrau is very good. Our German Shepherd Gino died this week at the age of 13. This year we will visit our favourite Paris. Now we have time to spend with our grandchildren Marvin (16 months) and Quinten (10 months).
Enjoy your stay in Europe. What a difference! A very long time ago in your "Le Rêve" on the Tolgracht, Nieuwleusen.

Best Regards,
Henk & Nicole