Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From Vienna to Bratislave

Just a few km past Vienna we passed through the 15th lock in the Danube. Only three more to go to the Black sea.

Our cruise from Vienna to Bratislava was with overcast skies and rain off and on. 

This lock was challenging in that it was extremely windy and there was a double tow in the lock with us. We had to tie up almost beside the tug  that was hooked up to the double.

The rest of the trip to Bratislava was fast and furious!!! We left Vienna at 10 am and we arrived in Bratislava at 2.30 pm.

I thought the Danube was fast before Vienna but it seems to get faster all the time. We traveled 61 km in 4.5 hours and had to go through one lock. We turned 1600 RPM and never saw speeds less than 11.5 kn. many times we clocked over 12 kn and a couple of times I saw 12.9 kn on the screen.  I did not know the boat would go this fast!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi from another Krogen owner...Dean and Mary Ann Miller on "Ripplin' Waters" Northsea 48. We have just worked in the opposite direction from you by car, starting in Bratislava and are now in Bamberg, 7/21...sorry we missed seeing you on the Danube.