Monday, July 18, 2011

From Linz to Melk

We left from Linz early (early for us) and did not know how far we would get that day. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery no less gorgeous  than the weather. Because of the very fast current we traveled 100 km and got to the  4th locks by 3.30. ( 7 hours) here we had to wait for the lock for about 40 minutes and while waiting we talked to some local people who told us we were entering the "Wachau" area and we should stop and visit Krems and Dürnstein. The above picture is as we exit the 4th lock in Melk and we were going to stop here. However after 2 hours looking for a suitable place to dock we gave up and continued on to Spitz and found a small marina where we could just get into after plowing through some mud.  

This boat going up stream shows by it's prop wash how he has to labor to get up stream.  I sure would not want to do the Danube going up stream!!! Where the Danube is relatively narrow we experienced a 6 to 7 kt current. The water bounces off the side and bottom of the river and the current pushed us every which way at over 12 kn. It was difficult to navigate and one had to keep a watchful eye all the time. Other places the Danube is 6 to 700 meter wide and a gentle but significant current keeps us moving down stream at a reasonable fast pace.

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