Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nürnberg Documentation center and court house

We did not realize till now that Bavaria and in particular Nürnberg was the birth place of the National social party created by Hitler. This exposition is open to the public since 2001 and is housed in the unfinished congress hall that was started but not finished because of the second world war.
Here in Nürenberg's southern district an area of no less than 11 square km was dedicated as the Nazi Rally grounds. The Congress Hall which was designed to seat 50.000 people was just one of many grand buildings.
Nürnberg was to become the World capital.

The exhibition provides information about the causes, contexts and consequences of the National Socialist reign of terror.
I commend the German people for this exhibition to show visitors how we should be on guard for political leaders like Hitler.

The second picture is of the Nürnberg court house where the famous Nürnberg trials took place.
USA, Great Briton, Russia and France presided over the trials. Nürnberg was finally chosen as THE place to have the proceedings because this was the birth place of the National Socialistic party.

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