Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aproaching Passau

 The Danube is running fast especially where she is narrow.
We are glad to be going down stream and not up stream. 

 We are approaching the last city in Germany "Passau"

And what a nice place to visit.  Here we are coming to the lock just before Passau. You can see the city in the back ground

 We had a hard time to find a place to dock but finally this would do. The last place along the wall in Passau. Very nice place to dock right across a castle.

This is the "lower" part 

And this is the "Upper" part of the castle
 And again the same pictures as night is falling.

We had a very nice and peaceful night here on the wall in Passau HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!
In the morning a police boat came by and told us that the wall we had chosen to dock on was only for passenger boats.
We could still have our breakfast but then we had to skedaddle.
What to do next!?!?!? we still wanted to visit more of the city!!!!!
So we took off for the first lock and would take the dingy back.

 However it would have been quite a long way with the dingy. What to do??????
(see the next blog)

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