Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interested and helpful

Tuesday July 5th we arrived in Nürnberg.  One thing about Le rêve is, she does not fit in many marinas on the Main and the DMK.  Usually there is a good spot at the lock wall as is the case here.  Nürnberg lock is actually a ways past the city. There is a beautiful paved, wide, walking/biking path that goes to the outlying areas of Nürnberg. Many people came by and we talked to various parties. The first question always is " are you from Canada???"  The second is " Did you come across with the boat???"
Yesterday two parties came by who recognized the home port (Midland) on the boat. One had lived in Meaford and the other in Wiarton. Both had come back to Germany for personal reasons but loved Canada and could not stop talking about it. The picture above is from Linda and Max Zellner. Max lived in Wiarton and worked in Owensound. After talking a while we told them we wanted to tour the city but   did not know the best way to get to Nürenberg's inner city. Max said" come with me and I will show you where to get on the street car which brings you right to the "Stad Mitte" So off we went.
Today we will tour Nürnberg.

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Anonymous said...

Years ago I lived in Germany and became friends with the Zellners. Would you happen to have their address, phone number, or e-mail address?