Tuesday, July 5, 2011

End of the Main

 Sunday July 3de and we have reached the end of the navigable part of the Main.

The picture on the right shows the Main continuing on to the left and the MDK (Main Donau Kanal) continuing on the the right.
The Main was an interesting river, however we are glad we reached the end. With 34 locks to navigate we were glad for the extra help we had on board. Thanks Geert.
Sunday it was darn cold (15 deg) we had to run the heater in order to stay warm.
Fortunately today as I post this it is wonderful. 28 deg. and I am on the back deck while posting this.

The last picture shows the industrial harbor of Bamberg the end of the Main. We visited Bamberg by bike on Monday morning before continuing on the MDK.  The quality of the pictures show how dull and dreary the day was. Just can't take good pictures if the light is not right.

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