Sunday, June 29, 2008

Expected departure and arrival dates

Hi all - hope that you are all enjoying a nice weekend - long one in Canada! (Happy Birthday, Canada)

Anyway, got a call from Dad this morning. He is a bit frustrated that the island's infrastructure has not allowed him to get online and respond to some of the comments and check his e-mail. He was able to get a connection on the first day, but since was not on the 'net. Too bad too, he says he has some good picts to liven up the blog, all in due time. He also mentioned that all the interac machines were down on the island yesterday too!

So - on to the update. he has received and installed the radar, and some seals for the stabilizer (although he thinks they are not the correct ones), but is waiting on a potentiometer (position sensor) for the stabilizer. He hopes to have that today and installed allowing them to leave first thing tomorrow. He will be shoving off very early our time, so I won't be posting a real time departure if he goes. The trip is estimated to take 8 days, so if he leaves tomorrow he figures next Tue he should be in England.

I'll let you know when I do!

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