Friday, June 6, 2008

The Big Ride

Well, all the preparation has been accomplished. The supplies laid in and the course decided upon. The crew has assembled and the trip has begun. Dad and the rest of the crew set off for the far shores of Europe this morning at about 8 am. You can see the location of their ship as they left the harbour by clicking here.
I will be your host in this blog for the duration of the voyage as Dad will not have any internet access for a few weeks. He will be sending me updates and I will pass them along. I should introduce myself. I'm Bill's oldest son Brad. I will pass on the location of le Reve so you can track their progress. The locations will be links to and if you scroll out you can get an idea of where the ship is in the ocean. I received an update on Dad's location at 3:30 today and they had made it to here
The weather looks to be good for about the next 8 days. After that there may be a bit of wind to deal with. Stay tuned for all the developments. A quick explanation of the title- Luke (my oldest son) prayed for his Opa while he was on "the Big Ride" and it stuck at our place for the name of this expedition.

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