Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting close to Horta

Hi everyone - here is the most recent location of le Reve. (map is also updated) According to the captain they should be there 22hr from when they sent the txt message, at 14:00 today.

Dad also sent a report about the stabilizer situation. They are reusing the oil that is leaking out of the stabilizer to help get to Horta more comfortably. The company for the stabilizer have been A1 for service guarenteeing the part in Horta when Dad arrives. The radar that has been out since the start of the trip also needs to be replaced in order to safely navigate the busy English Channel, Dad is wondering if Raymarine will be as good for service as the stabilizer people. Any rep from Raymarine want to comment??

Happy Sailing - MGBWU

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Anonymous said...

You're almost there boys!!! Can't wait to see some pictures when you get to your destination!!