Saturday, June 14, 2008

Le reve 1/2 way to Horta

The crew is half way to Horta and things still sound like they are going well. Dad reported that it has been rainy and windy for the last 2 days. This morning they saw a beautiful double rainbow.

I have referred to doing bios on the crew, and I have had one request from an anonymous commenter to talk about the crew. The hansom fellow posted here is Bern. He has a long list of accomplishments which made him a natural choice to come along for the Big Ride. Born in Maryland he had certificates in archery, skeet shooting, motor cycle safety, first aid instructor and ski patrol. He has served in the Military '67 - 75 as an Aircraft Weapons Mechanic. Graduating from Perdu '83 with B.Sc in Accounting, Computer Science and Industrial Management he has the background to fix pretty much anything that goes wrong on the boat. And if there should need to be some work below the water line on the hull of le Reve, he has is scuba ticket to boot! I know Dad was very excited when Bern agreed to become part of the crew. Bern's US Coast Guard Captain's License and his sailing experience on his own Hans Christian Christina sailboat named "Chinook" just added to the all around package that Bern brought aboard.

The most recent location of le Reve is here remember to scroll out to see where the boat is relative to NA and Europe
Link to the map from previous post.


willemienkokvlente said...

Hallo oom Wim en tante Joanne
wij weten niet als jullie dit bericht ontvangen maar we mailen toch maar
hebben jullie ook foto`s te mailen of lukt dat niet wij berichten vader en moeder weer
doe kalm aan en tot mails

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you will get this Dad, but we want to wish you ,our father and opa (and hero) a very happy Father's day!! We're so proud of you and so glad that you have this dream of yours a reality!! Happy Boating!!! We love you! The Algra Family