Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Location update

Hi all - I have received another of the findmespot locations from Dad. click here. The map is also updated for those who want an overall picture. I spoke with him shortly last night and he informed me that they have enough fuel on board at the current speed and location to go twice as far as they actually need to to get to Horta. That is a good thing for all the Significant Others (SO) out there!

Dad also told me about the minor equipment failure that they had. It seems that one of the two stabilizers had a cylinder malfunction (he said it actually came apart!) The repairs were done during some rolling waves and the location of the repair and the closed in space gave Dad a bit of a queasy feeling, but all was repaired. The cylinder is leaking a bit, but they have a new part on order and will be able to complete the repair while in Horta.

By the captain's calculations, le Reve should be to Horta by later Sunday, but they may delay the arrival to coincide with daylight Monday.

They have had a fair bit of bad weather - one day not going out on deck at all. Dad thought that the skies would have been more fair but with a succession of lows out there that hasn't been the case.

He also mentioned about the route he is taking for all those interested. To stop in Bermuda would have taken le Reve much further south adding 450 miles to the trip (or 450 miles out of the way, not sure which). Bermuda is a frequent stop for those leaving from Florida or farther south. He also said that it would have been a bit shorter trip over open water if they left from St. John's Newfoundland. But that would have put him in the North Atlantic and he figures the weather would have been much worse for him going that way.

Happy sailing

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