Monday, June 9, 2008

Belated departure picture

I have updated the map with the latest findmespot location sent from le Reve. Click here (you can bookmark this map if you want to)

I received a call from Dad on the sat this evening. We had a short talk - and then he had to call back as the call was dropped. The second connection was much better. Dad's numbers indicate that they are about 540 miles of shore and about 1/4 of the way to Horta and expects to arrive in 10 days. He reports speeds of up to 10 knots on occasion since entering the Gulf Stream - previously topping out at about 6 knots.

They have had a few minor issues only this far into the trip, but sounds like everyone is enjoying the challenges that are presenting themselves. First off the watermaker wasn't working properly. With a call into the manufacturer and all the smart guys on board they corrected the problem. The other thing that is not working is the radar. They have a backup system AIS which is working very well. He mentioned they have seen a few ships using the AIS and are comfortable with it's abilities even though they have been experiencing thick fog in the am and pm. Seas are calm right now, but they had some rough seas this am causing difficulty in moving around on the ship without holding on to something.

More information to follow as I receive updates.

The picture here is courtesy of Gary & Pat Marchenia Aboard PrimeTime in New York. I didn't get it in time for the first post and I thought I would put it in here.

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J. Ford said...

Hey a question while your touching on the fuel. It seems like he's taking the longer route then the traditional Bermuda stop. Has you dad spoken at all about the reasoning behind that?

And now that he's doing the longer route, can he talk about what speed he's been running and how he's doing on his fuel consumption?

Also has he been running the genset?

I'm planning a trip myself hopefully to do Bermuda with one of the Sailboat regatta's next year well hopefully that is. It would be nice to see some real world numbers.

John Ford
KK44-20 Feisty Lady
Annapolis, MD