Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Update

Sorry for the delay in getting to the blogging (that's a relatively new verb to the English language!)
I have had a number of txt messages and two findmespot locations since I last posted. Dad was here on Wednesday and here on Thursday. The map has also been updated.

There is lots happening aboard le Reve. Tuesday at some point they noticed something of their port bow. As there is not much to see and you can see for quite a way when the water is calm, I imagine the crew was trying to figure out for some time what the object floating in the distance happened to be. Turns out it was a 38 foot sailboat with a broken mast. After contacting the coast guard to let them know, they were informed that the crew was all safe and had been rescued several days earlier. I guess the morning paper didn't cover that bit of news!

Eugene has asked that I put greetings to his wife Elke, family and friends - he says miss you and love you all!

Dad's latest report says that they still have had lots of overcast skies, and little sun. They are 350 nautical miles from Horta and expect landfall in 2 1/2 days.

Happy Sailing

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