Sunday, June 15, 2008

Second crew member to be introduced

Hi all, I received a findmespot location from Dad this afternoon at about 3:00, you can see it here. There was never any doubt that they were in the middle of nowhere, but the findmespot location description includes "nearest location: not known"!

I thought I would take a moment to let you know about Clyde. Of the four crew members that I am not related to I have had the most contact with Clyde's wife Pat from their home base in Georgia. The two of them were once in the poultry business and have enjoyed many interesting trips aboard a few different size boats, all getting larger than the last! They have tried a few times to do the Great Loop finally completing the trip in 04-05. They also manage to charter once in a while with trips to Alaska on the inside passage as well as in the warmer climes of the British Virgin Isles, St. Martin, Puerto Rico and St. Vincent. With over 6200 hours of cruising documented to me Dad was very happy to have such an experienced sailor on board. With all that sailing experience Clyde knows his way around the galley and has been keeping the crew happy and full with great meals and baking to boot! They may even be a bit heavier than when they sailed!

You can bookmark this map to see progress if you like, I have included a pink line for the first leg of the trip to Horta and an orange line for the trip to England.

Happy sailing and remember Don't let the urgent displace the important things in life!

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