Sunday, June 8, 2008

Location Update

I received a location from dad yesterday June 7th at about 4:00. He also says that things are going well, they have seen many dolphins, mola mola (pictured here) and a whale. They are approaching the Gulf Stream and I will get another message when that happens. Stay tuned for small bios on the crew members.
Happy Sailing! Click here for a map showing line of progress.


J. Ford said...

Hey, a fellow KK44 owner here and also the Admin of the PUP list(Passagemaking Under Power). Is there anyway to get a rough schedule of where they are heading, etc. Also, it looks like they are going to pass the normal stop in Bermuda, any reason why?

Also, can you or someone talk about some of the stuff they did to the 44 for the trip? I heard that the boat has a unique prop setup.

Thanks ahead of time for any info you can provide.
John Ford
KK44 Feisty Lady
PUP Admin

DreamsFloat Joe said...

Thanks for the update!

Enjoy your journey crew of Le reve,


Kelly and Bernie Daley said...

Hello! We are Mike Lankes' kids (daughter and newly acquired son-in-law), checking in from Buffalo, NY. We wanted introduce ourselves and send our regards. We have been checking the blog daily, looking forward to all your posts and updates. Thanks for the updates and keeping us all posted on The Big Ride.