Sunday, June 22, 2008

Made it to Horta

I'm not sure when Dad will get to posting on his blog as he has some repairs and such to attend to so I thought I would let everyone know he arrived at 15:00 as planned. Mom said he waited out side the harbour and timed his arrival so if anyone watching on the live webcam could see him. Apparently a few people did see him (could you post a comment here if you did see him).


Anonymous said...

I was monitoring the camera from 2:44 to 3:42pm and saved 24 snapshots taken during that time if anyone is interested in having a look, you can find them at


Anonymous said...

I watched the view of the marina and harbour but I wasn't sure I was seeing Le Reve. The image was pretty small. Does the current view show the dockted location? If so, where?

Anonymous said...

Bill, thank you for keeping us updated. You have done a great job. I have not met your dad but I am certain that Clyde Honeycut used the time outside the harbor to get lines ready, straighten up,and generally get ready to make a good appearance comming into port.
Thanks again
Randy Crawford

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the crew of Le Reve for crossing the atlantic ocean! Well done! Must have been a great adventure. Uncle Bill: hope to see you soon after the last part of your trip in 'good-old-Holland'.
Do you now yet when and where you're planning to arrive in IJmuiden??
A big hug from Trea

Dennis Bruckel said...

Hello and congrats to Clyde and the whole Le Reve crew! As a part of the Med Bound 07 fleet, I know well the satisfaction you all feel on making it there. And, all by yourselves!
Dennis Bruckel, crew on Salty Dawg, Nordhavn 55 on the Med Bound 07 fleet of three