Tuesday, July 1, 2008

delay due to weather

Dad and the crew decided to wait out a bit of bad weather they were getting in Horta. The ship is in ship shape and they will depart as soon as the weather cooperates. Here are two picts that were sent to me, the first is a sunset at sea. The second is the last leg of the trip to Horta with the island visible in the distance.
I will let everyone know when le Reve leaves on the trip to England, and post a few more pictures at that time.

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johnesch01 said...

Bill, Clyde & Other Crew,
Congrats on your trip and the progress made to date. We have followed your progress and are envious. We trust that JoAnn & Pat are hanging in there like the wives of the Whaleship Captains in the prior centuries.
John & Cyndi Esch, Fet-Esch
Currently cruising mild Lake Michigan.