Sunday, July 20, 2008

Phone number correction

I gave you the wrong phone number or rather the wrong code to get out of the country ( canada) you should dial 001131 and than the number without the 0 so 619974041

Bill and Joanne


Anonymous said...

The correst number is not 001131
It is 01131 then the number with out the 0...I got through and perhaps you got our message. Hopefully I'll talk to you tomorrow! Love ya! Val

Anonymous said...

Bill & Joanne: Congratulations on your incredible journey! It kind of makes your (and our) America's Great Loop trip look like a walk in the park. We're so glad you arrived safely and achieved yet another dream. We hope you will make a photo journal/presentation to show others. God bless!
Don & Joanne Cameron
"Time & Space"
Stouffville, Ontario, Canada