Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have limited internet connection so I can not send any pictures at this time. However we want to stay in touch with the people who faithfully follow the blog, and let you know that we are doing great.

First of I should mention that "again I made a mistake when sending you our Dutch telephone number. I had mentioned that you need to dial two zeros in front of the the "out of country" number. This is incorrect and it should only be one zero. So 011 31 619974041. (From Canada I don't know the American out of country code) Many of you have figured this out, and we want to thank you for your calls with congratulations and good wishes. It is much appreciated.

We are in Zwartsluis at the moment, and I have installed the European battery charger. I did not trust myself to do the final hook up, and I will have a mechanic on board tomorrow who will help with that.

Last night we went for a bike ride through "Zwartewater Klooster. The area where my Mom and Dad started farming after they married. My grand parents on my Mother's side are buried there in very small old, old cemetery. We stopped and walked past there grave sites. It is very easy to get a spot to dock at almost every small village. You end up right in the middle of the village, and
unloading the bike is easy. Biking around the various places we dock will be a big part of our Holland tour. It is very nice to do so, and it gives us the much needed exercise. ( you know how good the Dutch pastries are!!!!!)


Hendriekske en Henk said...

Hello Bill and Joanne,

Congratulations, you had a succesfully trip.
It was nice te read the story!
Next week we wil stay on a campingsite in Steenwijk and bike around, maybe we will see the boat "Le Reve" with the Canadian Flag!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom and Dad,
Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the phone call for our anniversary, sorry that we missed you. Just wanting to let you know that I have all my fingers and toes after leaving your place on Wednesday and the Closet is starting to look pretty good. I have borrowed some tools that make the job soooo much easier...I hope that is ok and if not BRAD DID IT NOT ME...hehehe.
Love you guys and we will see you in a couple months!