Friday, July 25, 2008


Some Holland pictures.

After arriving in Holland we spent a couple of days in IJmuiden and Amsterdam.

Then we went on to Volendam where we stayed for a week. Volendam is a typical old time fishing village, and a tourist haven. When walking on the street you hear many languages and not much Dutch. We had a great time having Le reve docked right in the middle of town. The Canadian flag attracted lots of attention, and had many people stop by to chat. We talked to at least four people from Canada, and lots who had been in Canada.
When my sister Grace and her grand daughter Gracie and My sister from Holland Riek and her husband Johan came to visit, we went for a tour through the "Zaam streek" there are several old time wind mils rebuilt and open for touring. today we will make our way to Enkhuizen an enter the IJselmaar. From there we will head towards Zwartsluis where we will get our European battery charger installed and hopefully get the radar repaired or replaced.
More to come later.

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