Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dearly Departed Mike Lankes

No - Mike is not dead! Just had to make his way back to the USA as his time limit for the trip was up. Dad called tonight to let me know that Mike had to leave, but that her really appreciated the help and expertise he added to the crew. I was telling a bit about the crew in alphabetical order, but since Captain Lankes (he has his U.S. coast guard master licence - with 100 ton near coastal, towing endorsement) had to return to the mainland, I thought this would be a good place to put his info. (Sorry Eugene, you'll have to wait a bit longer to be immortalized in this blog!)

Mike, an electronics engineer, will be going back to Ellie in Buffalo where he spends his summers. Former U.S. Merchant Marine serving aboard Bethlehem Steam Ship Company's Daniel J Morell before military service in the US Navy, Mike brought lots of boating experience to the crew aboard le Reve. His experience outfitting and refurbishing boats of all sizes certainly came in handy when the stabilizer and other mechanical failures occurred. And his back ground with the sea tech marine training was helpful in figuring out the radar issue they were having aboard le Reve.

If you're in Florida this winter and picking up a new yacht, Mike may be the man to deliver and train you how to operate your purchase, as that is how he is filling his time since selling his business a few years back. That is if he's not off on an adventure on a boat somewhere - with cruising experience on the Great Lakes and tributaries, western rivers, Thousand, Virgin and Bahamas islands and Mediterranean sea - he's just looking for new adventures. And now he can add an Atlantic crossing to the list that will probably keep growing!

Mike - thanks so much for sailing with Dad and keeping him safe. I know he appreciated the company and I felt good knowing he was in capable hands. Happy sailing!

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