Sunday, July 13, 2008

On their way again

I Received a message from that le Reve has left from Plymouth and expects to arrive in Ijmuden Tuesday at 12:00 their time. I have updated "the Big Ride" accordingly. I haven't found a harbour cam like in Horta, but have not tried very hard as it will be 6:00 am our time and I will still be sleeping!

Dad said in the message that he sent that the weather has been the best that they have encountered on the trip so far. I know that Mom hopes that the weather stays clear as she is anxious to see her husband again after so long at sea!

I thought I would take this time to mention that Clyde had to head back home as well, leaving only three crew members for the final leg of the journey. There will be more traffic and more to see, so I don't think they will have any trouble keeping the helm manned.

I have done a piece about 3 of the crew members so far, leaving Eugene and Dad. I will save a bit on Dad till next update, but I can put in a bit about Eugene now.

Eugene is currently just about Dad's neighbour, living in Elmira, Ontario just a short drive from Dad's headquarters. He moved to Canada in 69 with his wife Elke, and two daughters Ines and Yvonne. Originally from Hamburg Germany, he has also been close to where Dad grew up in Holland.

He started sailing with the German merchant marine as a carrier, where he traveled on small and ocean going ships. But as life goes, things changed and Eugene followed a different carrier. Graphic arts in college led him to working for an American advertising agency in Hamburg promoting photo lab equipment in Germany, US and finally in Canada. After moving to Canada, they had a son, Tim and bought into a small three man printing business in St. Jacobs. Working hard and improving business to create the need to employ 20 people, allowed Eugene to sell his shares of the company to two of his co workers and retire in 2004. He and Elke enjoy summers on the lake and in the garden, and winters Eugene hits the slopes to keep in shape.

The pictures above show that Eugen is always happy, and was able to take the roll of diplomat of the crew with his winsome personality. Dad really enjoyed having him along on the trip, probably so that he had a fellow European/Canadian with him.



Anonymous said...

Bill and crew: WELCOME IN HOLLAND !!!


Fam. Wennemers

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Harbour cam: