Sunday, August 30, 2015

Company in Venice

Our guest, Herman and Frea, arrived on Sat Aug. 29.
We picked them up from the airport with a water taxi. Once they were settled in Le reve we went for a tour through the canals with the dingy. The next day we had an intensive tour of Venice with Piazzo di St Marco as our main attraction.

Arriving in Venice Marco Polo airport.

Getting ready to load the suit cases in the taxi.

The "Doge's Palace.
The Doge of Venice (Similar to a Duke in England)
was the chief magistrate and the leader of the republic of Venice.
For over a thousand years Doges were elected for life by the city- state's aristocrats.
Since 1923 it has been open as a museum. One of 11 in Venice. 

The front of the Basilica of St Marco.

The symbol you see all over Venice " the Lyon of St Mark"

 “Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista    Meus”

(Peace to you Mark my evangelist)

This (or similar) statues are seen all over Venice.

A view to both sides of the "Grand canal" from one of the two main bridges (the Accadema bridge) spanning the canal.

The canal is only open to approved water taxi's, gondolas, and the water bus.

Gondolas, Gondolas, Gondolas,
Everywhere in the down town area you see Gondolas.

It is quite amassing how the gondolier can maneuver them through the small, often very busy canals.

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