Monday, August 24, 2015


On Thursday 27th of Aug we set sail for an anchorage just north of Rovinj.  There is a long ( just over 5nm)  narrow inlet that draws a lot of attention. Tripper boats take load after load of people of people for day trips. The area is off limits for privet yachts so we were going to anchor out just before the inlet (sometime referred to as the most southern fiord)  When we got closer to the area we had picked out we noticed a sign "No anchoring"  So we continued on our way to Porec.

An other beautiful sun set from our mooring in Porec.

Red sky at night sailors delight. Or as Bo would say "pink" sky at night sailors delight!!!

we went for a walk in the park in Porec. Lots of activity there. 

A view from the park over the Adriatic.

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