Saturday, August 15, 2015

From Split to Kakan and Silba.

Our first cruise after Split took most of the day. We anchored in a large anchorage off the island of Kakan. There were at least 70 moorings and most of them were taken. We always anchor anyway, however even at anchor they came along and collected an "anchoring fee"

By the time night came we were in a company of at least 80 other boats. However this anchorage/mooring is quite large and it really did not feel crowded.

Our anchorage off Kakan at sun set,

and the next morning the same shot

The next day we cruised to an anchorage off Krknata, close to the towns of Zagla and Zmanscica.

In this part of Croatia the islands are long and skinny and run parallel to the main land. On our port side is the iland of Kornat, and on our starboard side is Zut. These two islands give you the idea of a lunar landscape in that they are dry and barren with just the odd small tree. The reason for this is that in years past the shepherds used to set fires to increase  grazing for their sheep and goats.

A closer look at the dry and barren landscape.

AN other beautiful sun set at our anchorage close to Zagla.

Anchored in 30 feet of water and we can see the anchor chain laying on the bottom.

This guy is out at first light (or perhaps before I was not) providing for his family.


Approaching  the island, and town of Silba.
Silba seems like it is a sleepy town in the off season. Along the water,s edge are mostly new vacation  houses. when we go ashore they first question was "do you speak German" After a while we realize that you hear German being spoken everywhere. So we came to the conclusion that probably most of the homes belonged to Germans.

The center of the original town is a little away from the harbor, but it was a nice stroll, and we needed a few things from the supermarket. 

Just before dark the sky turned a funny color, and the air and sea became eery calm.
We thought we would have a nice calm night, but about midnight it started to thunder, lightning, and blow quite hard. Le reve was well dug in and even though we rocked and rolled a bit, she did not move an inch.
It only lasted for a little while and we went back to sleep.   

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