Monday, August 24, 2015


The marina we are staying in in Venice is a brand new marina. It has been operating for some time but the official opening only happened less than a month ago. It is on the main island where Piazza San Marco is. The famous Piazza San Marco is only a 25 minute walk from the marina.
As you can see there is lots of room in the marina so we are able to tie up along side as opposed to to med mooring we got used to.  Along side is so much easier.

We arrived in Venice mid afternoon and before sun down we saw 4 large cruise ships leave.
We were told the center (Piazza San Marco) would be very busy. I can understand why with 4 cruise ships being here at the same time. We will have to pick our day to go visit the square.

Joanne was short a few things to make dinner, so here I am coming from the grocery store. And yes EVERYTHING is done by boat here in Venice, even grocery shopping.

Had to go to the port police to take care of the official entry documents and guess how we got there!!! by dingy.

We went there on the open water which runs around Venice and is quite large, open and rough.

 On the way back we took in some of the smaller canal,s.

This is typical Venice. 

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