Tuesday, August 11, 2015


The closer we got to the town of Hvar the more water sport  activity we encountered. At one point we counted over 60 other boats.
 We were going to dock, anchor, or moor, right in the port of Hvar, but soon realized what kind of a mad house this was.  So we chose a more secluded anchorage on one of the island directly opposite of Hvar, called the Pakleni Islands. We chose a bay off the island of Marincovac. It looked like a serene, quiet bay with not to many boats anchored there. Once we were anchored, and our stern tied to shore we went by dingy to the town of Hvar. After having our fill of the town we went back to the boat. As I mentioned before,  it was quiet and serene. We swam, snorkeled and had a wonderful dinner aboard.  It was not long after we went to bed that we found out why there were no more boats anchored there. The disco across the bay did not start till midnight and kept us awake till 4 in the morning. Boy I don't know how anybody can enjoy that kind of noise.
Aside from that we did enjoy Hvar.
the island is known for it,s cultivation of lavender, and every where you walked in the town there were shops selling it.

the approach to Hvar

the town dock is reserved for the mega yachts. And some are MEGA!!

Some of the scenes in town  

This poster talks about what the island is all about.

and here it is. can't you smell the lavender just looking at the pictures??

My most favorite "floating" restaurant in the Adriatic!!! 

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