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On July 28 we went for a tour of old town Dubrovnik. I will say a little about the history of it, and you can see for yourself how unique and beautiful this old city is.

Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century by refugees from Greece. It was called Ragusa at the time. Venetian's wanted to capture it, but they were able to defend the city and eventually became an independent republic. They traded to the west with France and Spain, and in the east with Egypt, Syria, Sicily, and later Turkey. The republic of Ragusa became the biggest maritime rivals of the venetians. In 1667 an devastating earthquake, and more trading routs to the east caused the republic to vall in a slow decline, and in early 1800 ended with the conquest of Napoleon. It then became Dubrovnik

As of late, the deliberate shelling of the 1991/1992 war send shock waves through the population as well as the entire international community.  More than 3000 bom's where dropped on this relative small, but beautiful city. It is quite remarkable that not even 25 years later they have restored the old city to it,s former beauty.

There still is lots of evidence all around Dubrovnik of the devastation caused by the war. Even from our dockage in Srebreno (only a few miles from Dubrovnik) you can see, once beautiful buildings, that lay in runes. But, just like the Old city itself reconstruction of new, modern hotels, and the restoration of many of the damaged homes is a sign of a determined people. People who are very resilient, helpful, and hospitable. Just to illustrate, when we needed to top up our fresh water tank ( there is no electricity, or water on the dock in Srebreno) Niksa Kulisic who with his wife, two son's, and a daughter, run a ferry business, delivered 1100 liters of water. The fam. also have the best restaurant in Mlini which we have visited more than once.

A look from up high.
We walked the wall (almost 2 km in 37 deg. heat in the shade!!!)
You can see part of the 2 km wall surrounding the city.

Looking from the wall into the modern city.

Still more steps, Can you make it Harold???

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